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Tap water is fed through a filter inline with the cooler. This filter removes excess chemicals, chlorine, and bacteria that can still remain after treatment by local water supply authorities. Chlorine, in particular, can make water taste bad and it has an unpleasant odour. After filtration, the water is then chilled and held in a small tank within the cooler, ready for drinking at any time. Some models contain ‘hot tanks’ which will dispense hot filtered water. These can be turned on or off as required. 

This depends on the amount of use. Some coolers need a quarterly service, including filter replacement. Others only need servicing every 6 months. Servicing includes sanitation of the unit. A domestic unit generally requires servicing only once every year.

Yes, purchase of a cooler is possible. We also carry under sink filters which can be plumbed in so that the water coming from your ‘additional’ sink tap is already filtered. For private customers, we can recommend some excellent options so that they too can enjoy fresh tasting water in their homes all year round for very low cost. Don’t buy bottles of water at the shops! Fill a bottle from home and take it with you and the unit will pay for itself very quickly. 

If you choose to rent, the unit remains the property of Water Cooler Central Coast and the agreement term is for an initial 12 months. At the end of the agreed term, the contract can be terminated with one month’s notice by either party.

*Please note that we do not generally provide rental coolers in domestic situations.

Rental fees must be paid in advance. 

No. It is a very simple process. Generally, the cooler (or filter) can be plumbed into the existing water pipe access area. Water Cooler Central Coast are well practiced in this procedure and install all coolers as part of the service. If the unit cannot be plumbed in, we can provide you with a bottle top unit which only needs to be filled from your tap. 


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